Luca Bolognese

I’ve worked in the Software field for the past 20+ years. Initially as a developer, consultant and architect, but for the bulk of the period I have been driving large teams delivering on business critical projects for multinational companies.

In my early years at Microsoft, I released several versions of SQL Server, working in the ADO.NET team on modernizing data access. I then helped initiating and bringing to market LINQ, which brings functional programming to C# and VB.NET. Lastly, I managed the program management team for the Languages Team, compilers and IDEs, releasing several versions of Visual Studio and productizing the F# language.

While at Credit Suisse, I have hired, developed and managed the team delivering the next generation of trading applications for the bank. From a standing start, we became the most used suite of applications with 400+ users, increasing the productivity of our users significantly.

I now work for Microsoft US again in the Customer and Partner Engagement team. I am based in Javea (Spain).

I am well known in the Software community as speaker at major conferences and have won awards as a top 20 Microsoft speaker.

I hold 20+ patents, have created several open source frameworks, written a well received Billg paper, created a top 1% technical blog and done a few Software-unrelated things (i.e. CFA Analyst level I, …).

I still write plenty of code and always have many ongoing private projects, mainly related to financial trading and portfolio management.

Specialties: F#, C#, VB.NET, Javascript, Ajax, Java, C++, WPF, HTML, Agile, SCRUM, Excel, SQL Server, object oriented architecture.

My Sessions

Introduction to Functional Programming in F#

Room 1

We are going to look at the fundamental concepts in functional programming by transforming a snippet of code from imperative to functional. We will use F# as our chosen programming language, but also see how the same concepts apply in C, Powershell, C# and others.

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