Bart Kooijmans

Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT

Bart Kooijmans has been working as a .Net developer for more than 10 years and has seen different business aspects and markets in these years. This broad experience aids him in designing and implementing lots of different projects and scenarios. Now specializing as a backend developer with the Microsoft stack, he works with Microsoft Azure, microservices and C# daily. Sharing his experience and new technology are his favorite topics to present.

My Sessions

Google and Amazon cloud for the Azure developer

Room 1

Going to the cloud is a given. Endless possibilities with over 200 managed services, global coverage with datacenters everywhere and you are charged per usage. But which cloud should you use? As a Microsoft developer, you’d choose Azure right?! In this session, I’ll show you the similarities between the three major clouds Microsoft Azure, Amazon […]