gRPC is the new WCF

Google RPC and Protocol Buffers are becoming industry standards for exchanging data across systems; they are now natively integrated into .Net Core to become the new WCF with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking, and authentication.

gRPC benefits from new features introduced in HTTP/2 like framing, bidirectional streaming, header compression, multiplexing, and flow control used to build highly performant and scalable APIs and it now also support JavaScript web clients!

In this course we will deep dive how to implement this new and cross platform communication layer in C# and .Net Core including highlights and pitfalls to start building successful apps on top of it. You’ll learn how it works, what it’s capable of, and lessons from deploying it into production systems.

Benefits of Attending this Session:
• How gRPC works and what is capable of
• Platform highlights and pitfalls
• Become familiar with unary, server, client and bi-directional streaming API
• Lesson learned from deploying it in productions

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